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Learn and Have Fun Making Music

Rhythm Therapy Clinic facilitates a variety of group experimental music workshops in and around Dallas, Texas. We also offer multicultural music programs as well as custom-designed workshops to fit individual or group needs. Interested participants in any of our workshops need no previous musical experience. We will also provide all the necessary instruments.

Transformational Improvisation

Experience the power of creative improvisational music in a group setting through the 10-week transformational improvisation workshop. Participants will create personalized music in a meaningful and fulfilling context by combining verbal and musical experiences. They will explore the use of pitched as well as non-pitched instruments. Techniques include goal setting, song writing, improvisation, and interpretative movement, as well as verbal processing and nonverbal communication skills. The training will also highlight the spiritual and transcendent aspects of group music making. Workshop fee costs $500 per person.

Benefits of the Workshop

Greater Self-Awareness and Understanding - Opening Up of New Avenues of Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication - Fostering Personal and Spiritual Growth - Deep Understanding of How We Are Perceived By Others

HealthRHYTHMS Circle

Drum for health with HealthRHYTHMS. A recreational music-making workshop, HealthRHYTHMS advocates group empowerment drumming as a life enhancement tool. The workshop fee is $100 per hour.

Sing-Along with Guitar Music

Enjoy a fun and engaging audience-oriented sing-a-long with live guitar music. We will provide rhythm instruments for an added element of excitement. The fee for this highly interactive activity is $100 per hour.


Playing Instruments

Multicultural Music Programs

Expose yourself to various cultures with our multicultural music programs. These are thrilling and enriching programs for K-12 students. They address different educational areas, including geography, history, languages, mathematics, and science. Students will get to see a diverse range of ancient and traditional musical instruments from around the world, such as didgeridoo, conch shell, shofar, bells, and drums. These instruments trace the evolution and development of music through the ages. Each participant will also have the chance to sing and provide accompaniment for songs from many countries and help them compose and perform their own song. We'll feature traditional music from Japan, Australia, France, and South America. The fee for the program is $150 for the first hour, with an additional $100 for each succeeding hour.

DrumHeart Classes

Our founder, Michael Kenny, is a skilled multi-instrumentalist, guitarist, and percussionist. He has studied with master drummers in Europe, Africa, and the U.S., including Jacky Craissac, Greg Beck, Jamal Mohamed, Moussa Diabate, Yamoussa Camara, as well as others djembefola (djembe players) in Senegal. As a way of paying it forward, he teaches drum, guitar, and percussion lessons. Private drum lessons are $45 per hour at your home and $40 per hour at Michael Kenny's home. Individual lessons in music theory and composition are also available at $45 per hour at your home) and $40 per hour at Michael Kenny's home.


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